Book Chapter Contribution


Contribute a Chapter and receive 500 books.


Contribute a Chapter and receive 500 books —

This is a limited offer and limited number of Chapters — The author approval of the contents is a condition for inclusion.

Terms and Conditions

By signing below, I confirm the I am authorized to sign on behalf of the firm above, and by signing below:

*  I agree to supply print-ready black and white artwork for my advert.

*  I agree to supply high color resolution artwork for my online advert via email to

*  I authorize the author and the publisher to use the artwork for the scope of the partnership level that I select without any royalty claims.

*  I will receive all of the benefits listed on the above for the partnership level that I select.   This also INCLUDES 500 FREE books, which I can resell for income (or give away to my clients) without any obligations to pay royalties to the author or the publisher.

*  I understand that the author and published indemnify the author and publisher from any damages resulting from this service or the inclusion of the artwork.

*  I understand that if I do not send the artwork for my advert, my advert will not be included and the advert payment will not be refunded.

*  I understand that the book will not be printed until June 2018.

*  I authorize Stand For Yourself or its authorized agent to debit my credit card for the option selected above.



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