Meet Dr. Wael Badawy

A world leading, international awards winner researcher, entrepreneur, and educator. He continues to lecture throughout the world. He is a world-leading researcher in video technology and he published more than 500 peer-reviewed technical papers, 50+ contributions to the ISO video standards, which is more than 75% of the hardware reference model for the H.264 compression standard. He was named “Primary contributor” in the VSI Alliance™ developing the “Platform-Based Design Definitions and Taxonomy, (PBD 11.0), 2003”. To-date he published 27 books and proceedings. He is a co-author to the International video standards known as MPEG4/H.264. He represents Canada in ISO/TC223 – Societal Security. He was the chairman of the Canadian Advisory Committee (CAC) on ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC6 “Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems” and head of the Canadian Delegation. He received over 73+ international and national awards for his technical, commercialization, innovation and contribution to the industry, academia and society. Among so many things he enjoys giving back and as a mentor in the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, he supports Canadian below 34 years to start and build Brand! their businesses.


“Dr. Badawy is a pioneer and a leader who is devoting his service to help and positively impact our society AND offers a one of its kind service to address the need of Canadian. ”

Colin Sprake, 4-Time Best Selling Author, Founder, Business Sherpa & International Speaker of Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc., Vancouver, B.C., Canada.