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November 3, 2017 | Calgary

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Award-winning Author Guides Experts to Monetize Their Knowledge

A step-by-step system to establish your authority and profit of your experience


Wael Badawy, Author of the bestselling book the Guide to Win is empowering Subject matters Experts, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Unemployed with A step-by-step plan to create sustainable business & maximize the profit of your Brand. With the increasing rate of un-employments and the increase number of unemployed baby boomers and Experts, this book provides a blue print of a platform with all the skills to enable monetize and maximize the profit of your own Brand.

This book offers a step-by-step proven system to help Authors, Speakers, Consultants, Coaches and Experts to establish your authorities. It helps you develop a world-class your brand; nurture your brand; manage your brand; control your brand; benefits from your brand; and maximize your profit of your brand. This book provides online tools that empower you with personalized strategies, template and plans to fine tune your brand; communicate your brand; market your brand; and cash out your brand.

The book shares the newly developed IPMC model of your brand; the 3T’s Law of association; the 12P’s Law of assessment; and maximization the value of your Brand.

Readers of this books can access the material through the book website, mobile application on iOS and Android, and a presence in about 152 social media platforms.   With more than 100,000 followers currently engage through these different platforms, they Learn how to Discover and value your brand, Identify and articulate your brand, Establish you Authorities to support a brand, Run a profitable business of a brand, Create sustainable income using a brand, Become an author to support a brand, Be the Speaker of a brand, Build your mindset group of a brand, Certify a brand, Upsell a brand, AND Franchise a brand.

Wael is a world leading, international awards winner researcher, entrepreneur, and educator. He continues to lecture throughout the world. He is a world leading researcher in video technology and he published more than 500 peer-reviewed technical papers, 50+ contributions to develop the ISO standards, which is more than 75% of the hardware reference model for the H.264 compression standard. He was named “Primary contributor” in the VSI Alliance™ developing the “Platform-Based Design Definitions and Taxonomy, (PBD 11.0), 2003”. To-date he published 27 books and conference proceedings. He is a coauthor to the International video standards known as MPEG4/H.264. He represents Canada in ISO/TC223 – Societal Security. He was the chairman of the Canadian Advisory Committee (CAC) on ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC6 “Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems” and head of the Canadian Delegation. He received over 69 international and national awards for his technical, commercialization, innovation and contribution to the industry, academia and society. Among so many things he enjoys giving back and as a mentor in the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, he supports Canadian below 34 years to start and build their businesses.

“Dr. Badawy is a pioneer and a leader who is devoting his service to help and positively impact our society AND offers a one of its kind service to address the need of Canadian. ” Colin Sprake, 4-Time Best Selling Author, Founder, Business Sherpa & International Speaker of Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc., Vancouver, B.C., Canada,

This book is a must read to develop authors, speakers, and experts platform to monetize an expertise. With tools available on ipad and iphone, it provides easy to use, step-by-step tools to maximize the profit of a Brand

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